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Aug. 6th, 2011



More fanart

I'm sorry if I seem like I'm spamming the community. >_> Or promoting myself, because I'm not going to do that, I just want to share the loooove.

Akira and Fumi. Again.Collapse )

Aug. 1st, 2011



I made drawings.

I'm glad there's an Aoi Hana comm. here in lj. Although it's in slumber.

I've just joined today and would like to offer a couple of drawings that I managed to spew out as a testament for my love of Aoi Hana.

Akira and FumiCollapse )

Apr. 11th, 2011

Takemoto - HnC


[08] Aoi Hana icons

The community has been quiet for a while, so I thought I'd interrupt the silence and post a few icons that I made a couple of days ago :)

[08] Aoi Hana
[10] Hourou Musuko
[05] Misc


HERE @ zetsubou_goo

Nov. 19th, 2010


kink meme

Kink meme over here.

Kink memes aren't just for porn, you can write K+ gen too. This is for all of Shimura Takako's works, so you can crossover Aoi Hana with Hourou Musuko if you want, etc.

Nov. 2nd, 2010



No 2nd Aoi Hana Season Due to DVD Sales

Kōji Yamamoto, Fuji TV's producer for many of the anime in the late-night Noitamina timeslot, confirmed in an interview that a second anime season of Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers) is not being produced. Writer Kumao Ōyama interviewed Yamamoto along with ASMIK Ace publicity producer Fumie Takeuchi on the Tokyo pop culture site Luvits. In the interview, Yamamoto said, "We made an extremely high-quality anime called Aoi Hana, but the DVDs didn't sell so a second season hasn't been made."

The anime adapted Takako Shimura's yuri manga about two childhood friends who reconnect in high school after a decade apart. Kenichi Kasai (Honey and Clover, Kimikiss pure rouge, Nodame Cantabile) directed the anime at J.C. Staff. Crunchyroll simulcasted the anime as it aired in Japan in the summer of 2009.

[Via Uri-Sure Matome+]

I was sad to learn about this...

Dec. 31st, 2009


13 aoi hana icons!

Aoi Hana→13
Hourou Musuko←4
Love DNA XX←8
misc animals←6

here at dailydays!

Dec. 4th, 2009



90 avatars

Hi there!
I just found the community! I wish I knew it earlier...
I made 90 avatars of Aoi Hana, the anime version. Maybe some with scans, later.

You can find it @ aikon (I made a web site because I have too much avatars for a LJ community ^^,).

Nov. 20th, 2009



More Icons~

I have more icons to share :) Enjoy~

- 20 Aoi Hana
- 20 Sailor Moon
- 20 Simoun


More at community.livejournal.com/zephyrrose13/2521.html

Nov. 1st, 2009

onew // mttm


09 icons!

Hello there! It's good to have a community dedicated to such a wonderful manga and anime.
I bring you some icons, hope you'll like it!

Akaku Saku Koe x02
Aoi Hana x09
Bleach x13
Dengeki Daisy x01
Akuma to Dolce x01
Fruits Basket x04
Final Fantasy III x01
Gokusen (drama) x04
Honey and Clover x09
Axis Powers Hetalia x04
Higashi no Eden x01
Junjou Romantica x02
Saya no Uta x15
Negaigoto 300000 km/s x02
Vampire Knight x02
Weiss Kreuz x01
X/1999 x02
xxxHOLiC x04
Yozakura Quartet x01
Zaou Taishi's works x01


More here~

Oct. 8th, 2009

nabari, shijima


(no subject)

Hello Aoi Hana community! Wow, it's great that this place actually exists.
I've drawn more Hourou Musuko fan art, but I do have one Aoi Hana picture in storage for you all. It was quick and I not proud of it but I hope you like it anyway.

snip snip snipCollapse )

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